We believe combining good tradesmanship with good customer service are the keys to our success!

About EWS

EWS (Exterior Wall Solutions) was launched more than six years ago by Adrian Torcasio and Santo Gatto.

Best friends since they were 12, Adrian and Santo began the business after many years of working together in the rendering industry. 

They both felt there was an opportunity in the industry that no one else had noticed; to provide a service that focused as much on the clients as it did on delivering top-quality results. And at EWS, that’s exactly what they do.

EWS has grown to become and industry leader, employing a skilled and professional team. From Melbourne’s suburbs all the way down to the Mornington Peninsula, the EWS team can supply, install and render both wall and floor systems, delivering a straightforward and cost-effective service on every job they take on.

From houses and commercial projects to multi-residential developments, you can count on EWS to provide the right service for the job.

EWS group building

Customer-oriented rendering solutions that deliver results

Because of their simple yet effective idea, Adrian and Santo have been able to build EWS into one of the most respected and trusted rendering and cladding companies across Melbourne.

Clients know that when they work with the EWS team they will be getting a swift and personalised service, with a rendering solution tailored to their property and design needs.
Unlike some other companies in the same field, the EWS team works closely with their clients, ensuring that each design is developed and refined to match their specifications and requirements, and ensuring that each client is left with stunning results.

Our Team

Our team at EWS is proud to be one of the most in-demand across Melbourne. Representing a number of backgrounds and fields of experience, the EWS team has the skill, knowledge and attitude necessary to see even the largest or most complex projects through to the end.
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